1How does it work?
You give us a call and request an offer, then we'll send our team to inspect the property within 24 hours. After that we'll make you an offer and on acceptance of it, draw up the contracts and pay you in cash. When you call us, we'll allocate you a personal advisor who will guide you through every step of the process. It's simple, stress free and very fast.
2How quickly will you make an offer?
Typically we'll inspect your property within 24 hours of you having made contact with us and we can usually make you an offer immediately afterwards, on the spot.
3What happens after you've made an offer?
You'll have the choice to accept or refuse the offer. If you accept it, we will draw up a contract, which we'll both sign.
4How long will it take for me to receive the payment?
Once we've closed the deal, we'll release funds and you'll have the cash the same day. There's a good chance we can get your money to you within just 3 days of you having made that initial contact requesting an offer from us, if your house sale is really urgent.
5What happens if I don't want to accept your offer?
You are not obliged to accept our offer. If you're thinking of selling your house, it's worth knowing how much you could get for it in just a matter of days though, isn't it?
6Do I have to get major repairs done before you'll make me an offer?
No! It doesn't matter to us that your house needs repairs. We can handle any type of repairs, no matter how serious.
7Will have I have to pay you a commission or fees to sell?
No! You get to keep the full amount of the offer we make. You avoid fees of any kind. It's worth finding out how much you could make, isn't it?
8Do you buy properties with tenants living in them?
Yes! We buy properties with tenants in place regardless of the contract you have with them.
9How do I get in touch with you?
You can fill out the online form or call us at (410) 505-3130.